Simple Peace Flags

Flags of various sizes, with a white peace sign on a blue background. The website is printed in the lower left corner measuring approximately 1/2″ x 7″.

Simple Peace 3′ x 5′ BannerpadLARGE 3×5 ft with a grommet in each corner. They are perfect for displaying as a BANNER against a wall, and for marches or rallies in which two people will be carrying it. Can be easily tied to a marching pole, either vertically or horizontally. The fabric is 200 denier Flag Nylon with a complete penetration aniline-dye. The image is equally visible from the front and the back. Fabric is water-repellent and will stand up well in the weather elements.

SP_3x5BNRpadRegular price: $60.00padSale price: $54.00pad

Simple Peace 3′ x 5′ Flag with Header & GrommetspadSame construction as the above 3’x5′ flags. It is finished with WHITE Header and (2) brass Grommets. The classic flag to be hoisted on a flag pole or display pole.

SP_3x5HGpadRegular price: $60.00padSale price: $54.00pad

Simple Peace 3’x5′ Pole Hem FlagpadSame as above but with a sleeve on the left side to slide over a flag pole instead of grommets.

SP_3x5PHpadRegular price: $65.00padSale price: $58.50pad

Simple Peace Flag 2’x3′ Header and GrommetspadMade of sturdy all-weather 200 denier nylon. This flag is aniline-dyed which translates into complete color penetration on both sides. White header and (2) brass grommets. Is easily attached with bundling ties, screws or halyard to any pole. Can be used in conjunction with our DISPLAY POLE. AVAILABLE TO SHIP NOW!

SP_2x3HGpadRegular price: $34.00padSale price: $31.00pad

Simple Peace 2’x3′ Pole-hemmed FlagpadSame flag as above but with a sleeve on the left side to slide over a flag pole instead of grommets. There is a little leather tab which secures onto a screw in the pole.

SP_2x3PHpadRegular price: $39.00padSale price: $35.00pad

Simple Peace 2′ x 3′ BannerpadManufactured in the same fashion as the above flags. It is finished with (4) brass grommets — one in each corner.

SP_2x3BNRpadRegular price: $34.00padSale price: $31.00pad

Simple Peace Car Flag (12x18in)padMade of all-weather 410 nylon, w/car mount. [These flags are very sturdy but a little noisy due to the hefty material they are made of–hence the price is reduced. Not recommended for hi-speed use.] AVAILABLE TO SHIP NOW!

SP_CarpadRegular price: $15.25padSale price: $11.50pad

Replacement Simple Peace Car Flag/WaiverpadJust the flag part of the car flag/waiver, in case that’s all you need.

SP_CarReppadRegular price: $11.00padSale price: $7.00pad

Simple Peace Flag 6x10inpadHANDHELD 6”x10” w/ Pole – Sorry, this item is unavailable for the time being.

Simple Peace Flag 4x6inpadHANDHELD 4”x6” w/ Pole – Sorry, this item is unavailable for the time being.

DISPLAY POLE KITpadIdeal for flags or banners (pole hem or grommets) up to 3’x5′. Can be displayed at 45-degree angle or horizontally. Includes: 2-piece hardwood 1″x6′ pole with plastic screw joint; gold vinyl ball ornament; screw for flag tab; flag rings; white nylon 2-position bracket. Appropriate bracket screws not included. Please choose USPS Priority Mail due to pole length.

DPKpadRegular price: $17.00padSale price: $15.50pad