Rainbow Peace Flags Italy

These beautiful flags are produced in Italy and are the English version of of the flag that is part of a “peace flag movement” in Italy. They 2.5 feet by 4 feet and are printed on a light polyester material.

RAINBOW PEACE FLAG FROM ITALY padThis is the version of the flag as it comes from Italy. It has two ties on the left edge of the flag for attaching it to whatever you want.

RBW_TpadRegular price: $19.50padSale price: $13.00pad

RAINBOW PEACE FLAG FROM ITALY WITH POLE HEMpadSame as above but with a sleeve to slip over a pole up to 1″ diameter and a tab to secure to the pole screw.

RBW_PH Regular price: $28.00padSale price: $22.00pad

RAINBOW PEACE FLAG FROM ITALY WITH GROMMETSpadSame as above but with a white header and (2) brass grommets on the left side.

RBW_G Regular price: $23.50padSale price: $18.00pad

DISPLAY POLE KITpadIdeal for flags or banners (pole hem or grommets) up to 3’x5′. Can be displayed at 45-degree angle or horizontally. Includes: 2-piece hardwood 1″x6′ pole with plastic screw joint; gold vinyl ball ornament; screw for flag tab; flag rings; white nylon 2-position bracket. Appropriate bracket screws not included. Please choose USPS Priority Mail due to pole length.